Youth Gospel Concert

A big ✨T H A N K Y O U✨ to everyone who supported our Promises Youth Gospel Concert 2022!
Whether it was through your giving, your participation, your support or your prayers, we are grateful for you! We pray that you remain encouraged and dwell in the Promises of God.
Stay hopeful in knowing that even in the midst of your wilderness moments of discouragement, fear and worry, God is still faithful! He’s still moving and He has not abandoned you. He is still writing your story.
Keep trusting in the Lord with all your heart & know that He is not done with you! Don’t allow doubt to cause you to lose sight of His promises towards you. Instead, claim those promises over your life for His promises are Yes & Amen.
He is a God that is able to do all things. Let us continue to believe in the Greater Things that God has in store for us by holding on to the joy that we feel in our hearts, soul and mind!
God has a purpose for you.
Believe For It in Jesus name!

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